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Intentional Interference with a Person or Property

Intentional Interference With A Person Property

The act of Intentional Interference with a Person/Property are civil litigations for damages, arising from invasion of one's personal space or personal property. All tortious charges of intentional interference with person/property involve intent, which provides for a civil wrong knowingly committed by the offender. This is contrasted with a tort of negligence, which results from lack of concern or responsibility on behalf of the offender.

With a Person: with a Person/Property:

Intentional interference with a person is also known as Trespass to the Person. This is classified as any unwanted, offensive, or unjustified interference with a person's body, liberty or rights. Charges of interference do not necessarily burden the plaintiff with proving damages, rather with proving intent to commit the offense.

With Property:

As the charges of Intentional Interference with Property are tort and not criminal charges, the necessity of wrongful intent is not present. The burden of proof lies solely on the prosecution's ability to prove intent. The charges of Intentional interference with property include trespass to land, trespass to chattels, and the charge of conversion.

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