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Interference with Contractual Relations

Interference With Contractual Relations

Interference with contractual relations is a violation of tortimmunity Interference to contractual relations charges may also be pressed upon third parties who seek to prevent a future contract which is reasonably solidified upon the time of interference.

In these cases, the would-be contracted parties may sue for interference if they can substantially prove that the third party's actions resulted in the negation of a prospective contract that would have otherwise been signed and would have otherwise been of benefit to either party.

This is known as Prevention of Future Contracts, and usually must reference the renewal of an expired contract as evidence in order to be successful. Otherwise, it is difficult for the claimant of Interference to provide sufficient evidence that a contract would have been beneficial in lieu of past records.


Employee poaching applies to contracted employees (not "at-will" employees) and involves the persuasion of said employees to violate their employment contracts and seek employment elsewhere. This is often done as a measure to hurt a competitors business or build a team of already-proven workers.

If the "poachers" intent can be proven as tortious, the original employer may sue the employee for Breach of Contract, as well as the "poacher" for Interference with Contractual Relations.

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